The “Better Together – Society for International Understanding” organizes assistance and projects for asylum seekers and refugees in Telgte. It was first founded 1991 as a local initiative as a reaction to anti-immigrant riots in Germany. Among the first members were also entrepreneurs like Walter Seinsch of Takko. One year later the initiative merged with the “Society for International Understanding” to form the “Zusammen ist besser” (“Better Together”) society.

Back then there were living containers located at the public swimming pool and the school center which were called “yellow town” by the locals.

In recent years, the society's area of business has gotten more and more diverse. It now covers a wide range of activities from accompanying help seekers to offices and doctors, providing translations and help for writing official requests and applications all the way to collecting furniture and clothes as well as organizing outings and sporting events.

While in 2008 there were just 38 noted names and 14 people undergoing asylum procedures, that number has jumped to 52 in 2014.

As a result, there is a greater need for public help and support. During an information event at the mayor's house in January 2015, 50 of the 90 attendants signed up to support the work of the society.

Source: Project by Franziska Große-Schule und Janika Bornhöft


Board of Directors

Arnold Michels, 1. Chairman

Remzi Deniz, 2. Chairman

Paul Sauvigny, Treasurer

Ursula Voß, Secretary


Members 73

Volunteers 60

Received the Warendorf Volunteer Award on March 5th 2015

Nominated for the German Dedication Award 2015



Welcome House

An initial donation of 50,000 euros laid the foundation for this project. Since then an additional 10,000 euros could be collected.


Updated August 2015

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